Dublin City Port

Dublin port is a huge and busy part of the Irish capital. It’s so big, that it’s displayed on city maps as a separate district. It’s an important part of town, historically and economically; moreover, it’s really a sight to see. Ireland’s marine traffic is concentrated in Dublin (two-third of the lines going around Ireland stop by Dublin port).

Dublin City Port

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The port has a number of lines reaching foreign countries; tough the most popular ones are running between Liverpool, the Isle of Man, and Holyhead (Wales), but you can reach all coastal cities with ferries running around Ireland.

The Dublin port occupies most of the land around the delta of river Liffey that runs through the city. That’s about 250 hectares, so it’s no wonder that it’s a separate district on its own. The port lies in this part of the city since Dublin’s foundation, so visitors can see several buildings from previous centuries nearby. For example, there is the Poolbeg lighthouse from the 18th century, and the James Gandon Custom House.

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